ZRP Worried about rising Murder Cases


ZRP yesterday expressed concern at the increase in murder cases arising from domestic violence with two Harare women killed in separate incidents last week.

National police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said one of the women was found dead in a pool of blood with two deep cuts at the back of her head at her Marimba home.

She said the other woman died under similar circumstances at her Waterfalls home on September 19.

“ZRP is concerned at cases of domestic violence, which led to gruesome murders that left communities shell-shocked,” Charamba said.

Charity Charamba
Charity Charamba

“On September 19 at 07:30am, a 35-year-old woman was found dead in a pool of blood in Marimba, Harare. The body had two deep cuts on the back of the head and several lacerations on the shoulders. Two blood-stained iron bars were recovered at the scene of the incident,” Charamba said.

She said the now deceased and her husband had an argument over the upkeep of their child. Charamba said the husband was now assisting the police with investigations.

In the other incident, Charamba said: “A bloodstained knife was recovered at the scene. The husband of the now deceased, Enock Nyamvura, fled to an unknown place after the offence.

“Police are urging couples to solve their differences without resorting to violence. Where they have failed to agree, they should seek counselling.”