ZRP ordered to pay $2000 for the Wrongful Arrest of Amon Chitando


The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has agreed to pay $2 000 compensation to a Zimbabwe Elections Support Network staffer, Amon Chitando, who was wrongfully arrested and detained in Bindura in 2013.

According to court papers shown to NewsDay yesterday, the High Court on February 12 this year ruled in Chitando’s favour and ordered the police to compensate him financially for damages caused.

Initially, Chitando was demanding $45 000 compensation.

The deed of settlement, however, indicates that the defendants, cited as Ministers of Home Affairs, Police Commissioner-General, Assistant Inspector Jealous Chitsa, detective constables Sikwata, Francis Mukosera and Alice Chiwayi and officer-in-charge law CID Inspector Dzeka, should pay the plaintiff $2 000.

The Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) last month threatened to attach police property, a move which jolted them to act.

“In consequence, we are writing to notify you that we have been instructed to instruct the Sheriff of the High Court of Zimbabwe to attach and execute the business assets of the first and the second defendant. In the alternative, we require the first and second respondent to furnish us with the physical addresses of the third to seventh respondents so that we may attach and execute their properties, without further notice to yourselves. In the alternative, we shall apply for a garnishee order against the salaries of the third to the seventh respondents,” the letter from ZLHR read.

The letter gave the police three working days to which they responded the next day, saying they were processing the payment.

“Please be advised that the settlement of the above-mentioned claim is being processed by our finance department,” the response from the police reads.