Zodwa Wabantu gets N@KED in Latest Picture


Entertainer and socialite Zodwa Wabantu aims to encourage other women to step out of their comfort zones by embracing her flaws publicly.

Taking to social media recently, Zodwa shared a racy picture of herself in a bikini and deliberately drew attention to her cellulite.


“Show me a woman without cellulite. Being a woman and humble,” she captioned the picture.The entertainer said that she was tired of women body shaming each other.

“We all have cellulite and scars but we still body shame each other,” she said.

Zodwa said she believed that women wanted to step out of the vicious cycle but were afraid to do so. “We paint a perfect picture about ourselves on social media and behind closed doors we are miserable about our bodies. Women want to come out but they are afraid and end up body shaming me and feel better after that,” she said.

Zodwa shared the picture in celebration of Women’s Month and to take a stand against the negativity hurled against women over their bodies.