Activist and renonwed playwright Silvanos Mudzvova says most Zimbabweans in the UK want President Mugabe to remain in power to secure their future.

I have attended more than 12 demonstrations since my arrival in January and 15 CSO/social movements gatherings, 5 different opposition political meetings and the average attendance at demonstrations and meetings is a mere 20 people. i have asked around CSOs/social movements/political parties about these low numbers and they showed me books/registers of members. They have more than 200 000 combined members they have assisted to seek asylum and 97% of these cases were granted and those members immediately disappear for good until when its renewal time of their cases.

Many of these Cdes in the UK blame Zimbabweans at home for not coming out in the streets to express their anger against Zanu PF. They have labelled their friends, colleagues and relatives in Zimbabwe cowards. but everyone knows the environment in Zimbabwe is not conducive to demonstrate but they continue with the blame game. In the UK they are free to demonstrate and still they dont turn up. when you ask them they say “ndezvevanhu vasina mapaper ” like really its not about Zimbabwe but papers or am always busy but when you’re applying for asylum you heard time to attend these events.

My question is how many of the Zimbabweans in the UK want Mugabe to go? my immediate answer only a few. the behaviour you’re exhibiting clearly indicates you’re more comfortable with Mugabe ruling as this will secure your future Imagine with more than 200 000 Zimbabweans demonstrating in the UK the impact it will make and Zanu PF will panic but Zimbabweans being Zimbabweans hapana hapana. Talk of Zimbabwean fashion shows they go in numbers, musical shows they flood, achieves awards they flood social media with pictures of them well dressed and showing off when it comes to demonstrations and political meetings zero.