Zimbabwe soldiers run amok, beat up people in Chipinge


Soldiers in Chipinge on Tuesday reportedly ran amok beating up patrons in all the bars in the town in retaliation for their killed colleague who died at Dzonzayi during the Raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda’s show following an altercation involving a pr0stitute.

The alleged lady of the night has been only identified as Dadirai and the close source said the lady also died on Tuesday at Chipinge hospital following the attack.

The source who spoke to Bulawayo24.com said the lady of the night died as a result of cut wounds and beatings she endured soon after the soldier’s death.

“The soldiers were being transported by a White cross-boarder Toyota Haice which is now at large. At Kilowatt they brutally beat up a man by the name Hokoza who is currently admitted in Chipinge Hospital.

Very unruly behavior of our Defence Forces, silly and myopic minded. What have we the general public have to do with their bar social issues?” said the source.


The source said the beatings being meted to civilians by soldiers was still going on.

“Today I had an encounter with two victims who I had to drive to the police station to make reports. The two guys were bleeding profusely. I would like to thank the police details who were on duty tonight at around 2000hrs for their quick and efficient actions in dispensing of their duties.unfortunately could not take their names down. One of the two guys is a well known self-employed welder in town,” said the source.