Zimbabwe Churches urged to unite and fight against CORRUPTION


Zimbabwe Churches have been urged to unite and fight against corruption currently dogging the country, making life difficult for every citizen.

Genesis Trust International, a non-profit organisation, is organising a march against corruption to be held on December 9 in Bulawayo to mark International Day Against Corruption.

The organisation’s director Cornelius Moyo told NewsDay on Thursday that corruption was hampering Zimbabwe’s economic growth and urged every responsible citizen to fight it.

“We would like to encourage the church to speak against corruption and expose all its evilness,” Moyo said.

churches corruption

“We are saying there is a gap we are seeing in the church. The number of churches keeps on growing, but we are not seeing any change with regard to corruption issue. The time to act is now and the Church must not sit back and do nothing.”

Moyo said usually when people talk about corruption, they confined that to government only.

He said that was not true at all and every individual should do introspection.

He said it was mind-boggling that in Zimbabwe, almost 90% of the people were Christians, but corruption was skyrocketing.

Moyo urged church and community leaders to rise up and stand against corruption lest the nation perishes.

“If the Church remains silent, salvation of Zimbabwe will come from somewhere else,” he said, adding the situation the country was in now was not pleasing.

Moyo said those interested in the march should get registered with the Scripture Union for logistical purposes.

It will start from Bulawayo City Hall parking area after conducting repentance prayers, Moyo said.

According to Transparency International Zimbabwe, the country remained in the highly corrupt zone on the Corruption Perception Index, with a very low score, which has never been above 30 since 2012.

This is indicative of a highly corrupt society, which has normalised and institutionalised corruption, it indicated.