Zim Football can DISAPPEAR Altogether – FIFA official Primo Corvaro has warned


World Soccer Governing Body FIFA official Primo Corvaro has warned football in Zimbabwe may disappear altogether if the country’s Football Association doesn’t get their affairs in order soon.

Corvaro presided over the Zifa meeting which voted former president Cuthbert Dube out of office, a decision met with delight across the football fraternity in the country.

However, Corvaro warned removing Dube was merely the first step in the long and difficult process of reforming football in Zimbabwe.

“Whoever is going to take over has to be strong. Zimbabwe will not be getting any financial assistance from Fifa and I can foresee football disappearing soon if you are not careful,” he told Soccer24.

“It’s good you still have the domestic league which still has got a few sponsors.

“The reason why you guys will not be getting funds is simple: Your association has for the past years failed to provide to Fifa yearly audited reports and for such a case, we cannot continue giving you money.

“The new leadership has to quickly pay auditors so they can release the yearly reports, as well as settling some of your important debts which might affect your progress as a nation.”

The Fifa official also revealed the world governing body would not reconsider Zimbabwe’s ban from the 2018 World Cup, adding they are actually at risk of being banned from the 2022 edition too.