Zim dancehall Cameraman Palmer Tee Vushe Dies


Palmer Tee Vushe popular known for making zim dancehall video, who was staying in Capetown. He fell sick and his stomach was swollen ( azvimba dumbu) and decided to go back to his home town. Everyone thought he was going to make it but sadly he passed.

Well known in the zim dancehall industry, always gave true opinions and wanted the best for all upcoming artists, one fan said.Palmer

Artists like Seh Calaz ( Mubhanditi) have already sent condolence message on his facebook account :


Rest In Peace Palmer,mwari maita kuda kwenyu asi matirwadzisa.

Posted by SEH CALAZ on Saturday, February 6, 2016

Other artists also passing their condolence messages :

Words cant express how iam deeply hurt but I can only Seh only Jah Know....Everytime I use to cone to Cape Town you use...

Posted by Etherton B JudgementYard on Saturday, February 6, 2016