You can Teargas protesters, BUT you CANNOT Teargas the Economy


You can Teargas protesters, BUT you CANNOT Teargas the Economy…. You can force people to march in support of the President, but you cannot force foreign direct investment to flow into the economy.You can rig the voters’ roll, but you cannot rig the GDP.

You can ban demonstrations, but you cannot ban a recession from taking place. You can forcibly acquire agricultural land, but you cannot forcibly acquire agricultural productivity.

You can ban imports, but you cannot ban lack of confidence in the system. You can throw propaganda around in the state media, but propaganda won’t work in the Midterm Fiscal Policy Review.

You can lie about your support base, but you cannot lie about the export numbers.
You can give Zanu PF youths free urban land, but you cannot give them free business acumenYou can print money, but you cannot print economic growth. Why not accept you have failed and let those who are capable of achieving economic growth lead the country?

Let’s make Zimbabwe great again.

Fadzayi Mahere