Women Possessed by “Demons” Sweats and Faints when its TIME FOR S E X!!!


A Chitungwiza woman, on Sunday confessed that her marriage is on the verge of collapse as she is possessed with evil spirits that do not want her to have s e x with her husband.

The woman, who identified herself as Sheila, made the confession at Prophet Sham Hungwe’s House of Grace International Church at Machipisa Shopping Centre in Highfield where she was seeking deliverance.

She said whenever her husband touches her, she starts sweating and faints when her hubby wants s e x.

“I have a problem that is threatening my marriage. I cannot have s e x with my husband because whenever he touches me, I sweat and faint. I won’t even want anything to do with him during that moment,” she said.

The troubled woman added that her husband has been acting strange since the problem started and is telling her to put her ‘house’ in order.

Sheila said the problem started when she approached a local sangoma seeking some charms to make money. She said the sangoma took her to a river, somewhere in Chitungwiza, where rituals were conducted in consultation with a mermaid, but the traditional healer did not tell her about the consequences.

“I have been with my husband for a long time and everything was okay with us. The problem started when I visited a sangoma in Chitungwiza who claims to give people luck to make money. The sangoma gave me some instructions to follow every morning and that’s when the problem started,” she said.

Sheila added that she decided to cheat on her husband after the problem persisted to see if it would trail her and she was successful. She also confessed that she is very s e x starved as well.

“It is difficult to live without s e x. I then decided to cheat on my husband to see whether I would encounter the same problem but things happened. I think the spirit only doesn’t want me to have s e x with my husband. The sangoma didn’t tell me this. I would have turned down the deal had I known,” she said.

Asked by Prophet Sham if she is getting the money she was promised, she said: “No, I am getting nothing. What I only got is this problem.”

Prophet Sham then ordered the woman to be accompanied by church members to her Chitungwiza apartment to take the juju she was given and her husband to the church.

Unfortunately the husband was not around, so the woman only returned with her non-functioning ‘tools of trade’ which were destroyed at the church.

Prophet Sham then sprinkled her with anointing water and prayed for her and she manifested before being allegedly delivered.