Woman locks exlover privates,limits him to be intimate with anyone except her


A Mberengwa man may not engage in s#x for the rest of his life because a sangoma that locked him is nowhere to be found.

Steven Maidza (37) of Mabika village discovered that he was impotent when he dumped his girlfriend Vimbainashe Zhou (42).

It’s reported that after dumping the woman, he became impotent and thus decided to try other women besides his wife to ascertain who had the problem.lock-Chastity_belt-640x415
Unfortunately it was the same story until the day he returned to his ex-girlfriend.

He was shocked as he managed to sleep with the woman resulting in him quizzing her about what she had done to him.

Surprisingly, Zhou confessed to bewitching him saying he would never be able to be intimate with anyone except her.Maidza was left with no choice, but to drag the woman before Chief Mapiravana for bewitching him.

Chief Mapiravana’s court heard that Maidza who is married and has three children had an affair with Zhou for the past two years and promised to marry her as a second wife.