Woman ‘kills’ newborn twins


A Dzvirasekwa woman yesterday gave birth to twins and subsequently killed them in a bizarre act that left residents of the suburb shell-shocked.

The incident ignited commotion at Kembo Shopping Centre, as residents thronged the Dzivarasekwa Extension Police Station in a bid to catch a glimpse of the woman and the deceased babies.twins

Although the Daily News team was denied access to talk to the woman, eyewitnesses corroborated the incident.

“The landlord heard the sound of babies crying in the morning and enquired,” said the witness who preferred anonymity.

“He was told that there were no babies…but the landlord persisted and started a search as he was suspicious that he had seen her pregnant as someone he interacts with her on a daily basis.”

The mother of three was said to have taken the deceased twins and hid them in a plastic bucket in order to conceal them.

“He saw a plastic bucket that was closed and tried to open it but the lady refused to let him open it saying it had some groceries, but upon opening the bucket, he found the dead twins stashed in the bucket wrapped with a rag,” the eyewitness said.

The matter was reported to the nearby satellite police station.

The bizarre incident comes on the heels of another shocker, which occurred at New Willowvale Flats where 23-year-old woman flushed a foetus down the toilet.

Source story : Daily news