Woman Caught In Bed With Married Man At Mutare Teachers College


A Mutare woman has claimed that she caught her husband in bed with a workmate in the office.

Sheila Mapfiro, 40, reportedly fought with Mavis Chinganga, 36, after she was caught having quality time with Tawanda Chinganga, 37.


The two alleged cheaters are employees at Mutare Teachers College and used the college office as their love nest, according to Mavis Chinganga refused to answer further questions while Mapfiro refused to entertain this publication.

“I am not prepared to answer to that. Thank you,” said Mavis before hanging the phone. Mavis told H-metro that Mapfiro birth to a baby boy, recently, claiming that Tawanda was responsible, leading her to approaching the civil court claiming adultery damages.

The case is expected to be heard on August 28 and Mavis is claiming $10 000. I approached their bosses over this, but they failed to help us as they continued requesting evidence. I want Sheila to pay $10 000 and we are to appear before a magistrate on the 28th of August this year.

Sheila was a driver when she joined Mutare Teachers College before my husband facilitated her transfer into accounts department, she was removed from the college premises following the report I gave against her to the administrators, but they continued with the affair. It is now open that she was after ruining my marriage and now she gave birth and claims that my husband is responsible allowing me way to seek adultery damages,” said Mavis.

Source-H Metro