Wife’s lover caught hiding in wardrobe n#ked by hubby


A cheeky lover in Hope Fountain was sold out by his cough as he was hiding in a wardrobe n-ked earning himself a thorough beating.

Akim Ncube sought refuge in the wardrobe after his lover’s hubby, Thulani Ngwenya turned up at home unexpected at night.Picture and Audio - Men caught red handed with Married Woman AZVAMBURWA

When Ngwenya he knocked on the door, his wife took long to responded as she hurriedly dressed up.

Ncube, still naked, tucked himself in the closet but since he was suffering from flu, he coughed a bit, blowing his cover.

He tried to bolt out of the house n-ked but failed as the door was looked.

He was having sex with a woman identified as NaEggy.

Ngwenya could not help it but to beat up Ncube who was rescued by neighbors after he had screamed.

The incident happened last week Thursday around 11 pm.