Wife wants to LEAVE Husband Dumisani Ndlovu for BED WETTING


A wife has taken her bedwetting husband to court. Portia Ndlovu from Dromoland resettlement in Inyathi told the presiding magistrate that her husband, Dumisani Ndlovu is a bed­wetter who at times even leaves a dump in bed.

She felt this was a form of abuse. “I am living a hell of life on this earth because of this man who wets the bed almost everyday and when he is drunk, he poops in the blankets,” she said.

Instead of owning up his mess, he is said to blame it on their children. He also beats her up for daring to ask about the issue. “When I ask him about the problem he becomes angry and beats me. He says he is not the one but the kids.

He also insults me in the presence of my children,” she added. Portia said the problem is worsened by that her husband does not buy soap to wash the blankets as he spends time at home and does not look for jobs.

Dumisani Ndlovu confirmed that he has a problem.

All his attempts at solving it have been futile. “I developed this problem in June 2013 and I have gone to prophets and herbalists with my wife but this has not helped in anyway.

I even went to the hospital but the bedwetting stopped for while but it started in November 2013,” he said.

However, he did not expect his wife to take the matter this far. “I am shocked at why she could dump me when she knows I have been trying all means possible to find a cure to this problem. I beg you not to dump me.

I still love you my wife, I beg ungangitshiyi (don’t forsake me),” he pleaded to his wife in court. The presiding magistrate, Stephen Ndlovu ordered Dumisani not to verbally and emotionally abuse his wife and ordered the pair to go for counselling and come back on 30 September.