Wife sends hubby packing after she was caught having S-E-X with a builder


A cheating, brave Marondera woman sent her husband packing for confronting her after she was caught red-handed indulging in s-ex with a builder.

Everjoy Mashambanhaka could not stomach being disturbed by her hubby whilst having quality time with a builder.

Everjoy’s hubby is said to have arrived home midnight when he caught the two love birds enjoying sex in his matrimonial bedroom.

caught red-handed

Residents are said t have mocked Everjoy calling her names as they took turns to record the incident using their mobile phones after her lover failed to dress up as he sat on the bed.

“What was of interest is that the two of the married men from around here were angry with the builder since they were also bedding her.

“Mashambanhaka is an ardent Christian and he controlled his emotions and never assaulted the lover saying God will judge them,” said a source.

Everjoy defended her sex romp saying she was sex starved as her man went to settle in South Africa.

“My neighbours found it awkward since they do not know what I go through because of this man’s irresponsibity.

“He was not supposed to insult me after he caught me with another man since he ordered me to look for someone to help me” she said.