Why Men in Africa love WOMEN WITH BIG ASSets


Why Men in Africa love WOMEN WITH BIG ASSets. Through Every race and ethnic group and what they like about women but the passion African men have for big ASSets and B00BS are extremely outrageous.

Taking this as an example to explain the above, if two Ghanaian and 2 Nigerian men are discussing about a serious issue or some important business and if a woman with big but-ts or bre-asts passes, the whole conversation will come to a standstill but this is never the same with slim women. Most men often fight and some can even die because of big but-ts and will do anything to have them. Reading this, many will not believe a man can do anything just to have a lady with big butt’s or breasts but if you want evidence of this, you can go through our article on the list of women with big b00bs and but-ts and go to the comments section, you will see how African men are going crazy over these women. It seems to be a culture in itself.

This attitude came to our attention and so we decide to find out the reasons why it is so, and the responses we got were amazing. We made a compilation of the reasons why African men are so crazy over big but-ts and b00bs and here are The Top 10 of them.

Big Assets

1. Ent!cing

I can remember to some men we interviewed, said big but-t’s and b00bs are enticing and excites them whenever they see it as compared to those of a slim girl. Others said they can cu-m by just seeing a big But-t. That tells you how serious the situation is.


2. It’s s*xy

This is one of the main reason African men are most attracted to ladies with big But-t’s because they look s*xy and r0mantic. For they believe such ladies can easily raise a man’s their test0ster0ne high when they stark n*ked in your bedr00m and just by seeing the s*xy as-s will makes u perform better.

African men have different reasons for loving ladies with big assets one man said his most exciting moments is when he is doing d0g-gy style with a woman with big but-ts because he get to have a nice view and when you ba-ng her, the movement the but-’t makes, just like waves makes his heart throb harder.

3. Fert!lity

This is very strange and might come as a surprise to many but you will be shocked to know that, one of the reasons why many men especially African men love big but-ts is because they believe women with big but-ts or wider h!ps are more fert!le than their slim counterparts.

Many men believe that the wider the h!ps the more fert!le the woman is and can bear more children hence the reason they love it and can do anything to get them. Unbelievable.

4. Attractive

Normally, a girl with big but-t’s and b00bs attracts men a lot. The bigger the h!ps, the more attractive the woman is. Take for example if two girls are passing one with big but-t’s and the other slim, the one with bigger but-ts will call for more attention than the slim one.

Also, a woman’s way of dressing also counts as men feel voluptuous women look more attractive in dresses than their counterparts. For instance two women can ware the same dress but it will attract men differently. Men are generally more attracted to a woman that can fill out a dress and make it look good. If you are too thin then it isn’t going to fit right as compared to the big but-ts that will fit right and bring out the shape.

5. Age

Most men are attracted to ladies with big but-ts because to them they feel they appear matured and older than their counterparts who are small and slim in stature. Thus there are being deceived by their sizes.

One man once said he brought home a teenager girl who was v0luptuous in stature and everybody in his community caller her “Aunty” because of her size whereas she was just 17 years old and he claims it was not the same with an ex who was very slim but 25 and his actually thought she was a small girl. Thus most of them feel going out with this v0luptuous ladies commands respect.

6. Health

The poor mentality of most of our men makes them feel when you come home with a v0luptuous woman, your family and friends believes she’s healthy whereas that’s not the case. This has made most men to think that the heavy women are the healthy ones and the slim ones appear sickly.

7. Respect

Normally, when a huge and heavier woman talks anywhere, people always respect because of her size. She’s seen as a grown woman and her actual age is not even requested no matter where you take her too. Even in night clubs were under eighteen’s are not allowed to enter, she will enter without anybody querying you about her age.

8. S0ft And Cushi0ned

Most African men actually choose big but-t’s and b00bs over slim sk!nny but-ts due to their texture and for them, its s0ft and fells like cushion when they lie on them…. This is serious!!!!!

Some say when you $*x such women you feel extra s0f-tness and maximum sat!sfaction.

9. Fem!nine

A lady with big but-t’s and b00bs appear more fem!nine than one with flat chest and sk!nny bu’t-ts which doesn’t differentiate them from men as most men say.

One man once said girls with flat chest and flat but-ts cannot really stimulate and arouse his desire to have s*x because to him she is similar to him as compared to one with big but-t’s.

10. Cle@vage

According to some Nigerian men, the beauty of the cle*vage is what gets to them, especially with h!ps and b00bs. The shape is something that makes men t!ckle inside. It also makes them look beautiful in every clothe they wear.