A poll has shown that married women are 10 times better than single small houses. Here is why:

1) She will not bother you at odd hours because her own husband will be by her side.

2) She is likely to be faithful to you and her husband, unlike single small houses who dish it all over the place.

3) She cannot make too many financial demands because she will not be able to explain any sudden affluence to her spouse.

4) Best of all, if she falls pregnant there is a resident fall guy right in her bed and you do not have to worry about being sued for maintenance.

5) She is usually starved of the stuff that matters so whenever she sees you, she is ready for business and knows that time is precious.

small house

6) She will not cost you through fancy outings as she is afraid of bumping into people who know her while in your company.

7) She will not demand that you spend the night because she is also afraid of getting caught.

8) She does not expect you to look after her brats.

9) You do not have to look after her relatives because she cannot tell them of her relationship with you.

10) She will not cause a scene even if she sees you with another woman, unless she is mad in which case you should not be involved with her in the first place.