Wasu ditches wife,moves in with woman older than him who knows ‘chikapa’


A Sakubva man allegedly left his family to settle with his sweetheart who is 21 years older than him.Philipah-Chatikobo-

Leon Chitsve’s marriage with Dorcas Njera (26) is on the rocks after he deserted her and their two young children to cohabit with his 48-year-old lover, Philipah Chatikobo in the city’s middle-density suburb of Yeovil.

Njera told The Weekender that her husband had left her for his older sweetheart earlier in January.

She said she discovered that her husband was cheating with the older woman when he came back home without his underwear one morning after a night out. After confronting him, she said he claimed to have thrown it away because it had been dirty and was causing a rash on his private parts.

“When he went out that day, he never came back home till now,” claims Njera.

“I came to know of Chatikobo in 2016 when she would frequent my husband’s workplace at Sakubva market place, all in the name of repairing her phone since he is in the business of repairing phones,” she said.

She said from the time he met Chatikobo, Chitsve started to neglect maintaining his family, coming to the extent of moving out of their Sakubva home without her knowledge.

“I caught my husband na_ked in Chatikobo’s bedroom early one morning last week when I visited them. Chatikobo was dressing up. Leon had the guts to run away from his children whom I had that day at Chatikobo’s house,” narrated Njera.

Contacted for comment via the phone, Chatikobo denied that she was the person in question at first.

On the second call, however, she insisted that Njera was fabricating lies against her.

She denied being in love with Chitsve who she said was a conman who had disappeared with her jacket and phone after she had given him accommodation for the night.

She claimed that she only knew Chitsve as her nephew’s friend and nothing else.

“Njera should just stop all this. She has been threatening me via texts. After all, I was the one who was duped by her husband. He went away with my jacket and phone which I need back. She also tarnished my image in my neighbourhood and has been calling my relatives in the United Kingdom telling them all sorts of lies that I snatched her husband from her,” said Chatikobo.

She insisted that Leon was her nephew’s friend. She admitted that he had slept at her house once, the day which Njera claimed to have caught her husband stark na_ked in Chatikobo’s bed.

Chatikobo went on to tell this reporter that she would take legal action against Njera if the story was published in the Press.

“This is so childish, why will this woman take the matter to the Press, a matter that we should have solved without much publicity. If she continues like this and the matter gets published, I will sue her because she has gone too far this time,” she said.