Warriors assistant manager Saul Chaminuka ESCAPES ACCIDENT Unhurt


Warriors assistant manager, Saul Chaminuka walked out of this crash unhurt early this week. His car skidded and rolled near the Headlands railway crossing line early this week. Chaminuka was travelling from Harare to Mutare when tragedy struck. “As you can see, I am fit and I have no pains that I am complaining about.

It was terrible when the vehicle skidded and rolled after encroaching on some quarry stones just after the railway line crossing points near Headlands.The car was badly damaged. “I was admitted at Rusape District Hospital and got discharged the same day.

Saul Chaminuka
Saul Chaminuka

“I thank God that I managed to escape unhurt and I hope the same powers that helped me during that accident will help Buffaloes escape relegation,’’ said Chaminuka.