Video : Accident along Mutoko road paCross


This is why I always say police should continue to mount as many road blocks as possible ..and spike these kombis too and seek bribes too to put them off zvibude muroad because govt has failed to stop this mess.

These kombis are very dangerous unroadworthy and driven by licenced and unlicenced rascals and our leaders are busy eating icecream while roads have been taken over by rogues.

It’s really pathetic .Continue mounting the road blocks police until they remove their dangerous vehicles and drivers off the roads.

Am 95% just house bound here in Zimbabwe.Am so afraid to even use the roads which are now death traps .Saka ndakaurirei.Even crossing the road motorists have no respect for pedestrians at all.

Whatever happenned to humanity in this once great Rbodesia .I wish these black thugs and evil ignorants were never allowed to take over this nation.

Really disgusting that the so called leaders cant even sort out this mess . Every dog is allowed to transport people and subsequently kill people.Basa kuhya icecream zvimbwa zvezanu izvi.

Woona zvimwe zvimbwa zvichiti pamberi nezanu . I would rather be in a zoo with baboons than live with people who behave like baboons . Time to look for my passport now ” Said Sisi Vee