UZ Student Allen Kamba runs AWAY from home to STAY with Sugar Mamma Barbara Chisekayeri


A Harare woman has caused an outcry after a college student, who is also said to be her boyfriend allegedly fled home to live with her.

Barbara Chisekayeri, 35 of Block 29, Zambezi Flats in Mabelrein, is said to be head over heels in love with a University of Zimbabwe student, Allen Kamba, 23, and the duo have since moved in to live together.

A source close to Kamba’s family, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told H-Metro the affair started long back but people were afraid to tell the student’s mother who is a widow. “We came to know about the affair when Allen was doing his industrial attachment in town but we were hesitant to blow the whistle because we know that the boy’s mother is a widow and has been struggling a lot to send this kid to school.

“When it started, Allen would be seen frequenting Barbara’s flat and at times would spend some nights there. When his friends realised that he was in love with a sugar mummy, they just left him after efforts to talk to him proved fruitless.

sugar mama love

“After months of concealing the affair, it was no longer a secret and the pair would be seen together in different cars, going God knows where. What surprised us is that Allen started acting wildly. At first, he would come home late in the night but when the affair came to light, he then moved permanently to live with the cougar. He no longer cares what people from the neighbourhood or even his mother thinks about their shenanigans.