Usher Being Sued By 2 Women And A Man Over STD Claims


The OMG singer is about to face yet another lawsuit due to allegations he knowingly exposed several women to herpes.

But this time a victim is stepping in front of the cameras to tell her story.


Lisa Bloom, who has quickly made a name for herself taking on the high profile revenge p0rn cases of Blac Chyna and Mischa Barton, plans to file suit on Monday on behalf of three victims two women and a man who claim they had s3xual contact with Usher, and that he failed to disclose his diagnosis.

Two of the victims are staying anonymous they’ll be referred to as John Doe and Jane Doe in the court case but the third is going public. She is expected to speak out in a press conference beside Bloom on Monday.

It has to be a tough thing to speak about in public.