US music authority compares Gigi Lamayane to Nicki Minaj


Gigi Lamayane’s rap career has gone international, with the musician being hailed as one of the world’s most exciting female MCs by US hip-hop authority, HotNewHipHop.

The New York-based website showcased five of the most talented female MCs from around the world this week, and Gigi was right up there on the list alongside UK superstar Lil Simz.Gigi Lamayne

The site, which has helped discover several big hip-hop acts in the past, likened Gigi to Nicki Minaj and praised her single Shisa.

Gigi Lamayne said that she felt overwhelmed but deeply honoured by the praise.

“This means so much to me. I remember a few years ago when I had to beg record labels to listen to my music and trying to get my music recognised was an uphill battle. So to learn that my music has made it to America and is appreciated by a US audience is absolutely amazing,” Gigi said.

Gigi was the only female rapper to make the list, something she said is down to not only her unique nature but also her ability to compete with the male rappers.

“I have proven my credentials. I have worked with some of the biggest male artists in the country and continent and I honestly see the guys as my only competition. I don’t mean to disrespect the ladies but I don’t see myself as competing with them. I think that is what New Hip Hop recognised in me,” Gigi added.