TWO Pastors CAUGHT having Car S-ex with Students


There was drama in the Harare CBD when two Pastors with a local  Pentecostal church were caught in a car romp with their girlfriends who happen to be minors and still in school.

Reports are that the two Pastors picked up their girlfriends from school and started ‘boozing’ and ‘having fun’ as they drove about the city centre.

The other Pastor who is the owner of the car was seated in the back  making ‘sweet love’ to his girlfriend while his colleague and ‘partner in crime’ was driving, his girl besides him as well.

So extreme was their merry making that as  they drove along Leopold Takawira Street they got involved in an accident. It would appear that the girl who was in front was being  so ‘naughty’ to the driver that she distracted him to the extent that he lost control of the vehicle and crashed.

 s ex in car

When our moles got to the scene, the Police had already whisked away the two school girls after an angry mob had given the lovebirds a thorough hiding.

The situation turned even nastier for one of the Pastors when his wife SUDDENLY arrived at the scene.

She had received a tip-off about the fracas by one of the eyewitness.

She lost her marbles and started yelling at him as the excited crowd watched, cheering.

The people who had gathered, started pulling out the school girls’ ties and socks from the car, throwing them in the air as they enjoyed the free drama.