Two men spent the whole night in confusion after stealing maize cobs from a Sangoma


In a bizarre incident two men spent the whole night in confusion experience after allegedly stealing maize cobs from a Harare Sangoma

Allegations are that Spencer Musona (27) and Faster Manyara (37) were caught red handed in Harry Nachudwa’s (77) maize field by security guards.

The two are reported to have been struck by a bolt of confusion and spent the whole night roaming around in the field until they were apprehended by security guards.



Nachudwa was called to witness the event and when his wife was about to attend the scene Manyara is said to have come back to his senses and fled.

The Sangoma demanded $20 for each person whom they failed to pay and Manyara’s wife Mabel Tole (33) preferred to save her husband from the mess.

However, Musona and Tole were ordered to harvest for the sangoma freely as ransom for their crime.