Tinopona Katsande now a mother to a baby boy


At 5:03am yesterday morning I officially entered the next remarkable stage in my life’s journey -motherhood‬. With my husband Virimai and my bff Belinda urging me on through the 7 hours of labour as my birthing partners, baby boy Yambuko NokutendaIshe Chigariro entered our lives at a bouncing tall handsome 3,1kgs.

I witnessed perfection. Pure and untainted , undiluted and no preservatives. Just the work of God in all His Glory. I held my miracle baby. I cannot begin to express to you how God is so real in my life. I will praise HIM all the days of my life. I will never be afraid to speak of God’s awesomeness in my life. I have a son. I have an amazing husband. I have the most truest of friends and the most encouraging of family.

Tinopona Katsande

I am so very blessed. Thank you for the many prayers, encouragement, best wishes and kind thoughts through out my 9 month journey my fb family and friends. Indeed it was a speedy and safe delivery. I am so grateful. I have met the love of my life.