Tin Tin bounces back after a Nasty Breakup


Popular actresses Tinopona Katsande and Dalma Chiwereva are part of a new drama Kuchina the Genesis which debuted on ZBC-TV last Sunday.

The drama, which also features Ashley Masendeke and Sarah Takawira, is about four women living in a fictional town called Moonshine where their lives are plagued by crime and sleazy secrets.

Blessing Gatsi, the project’s director and script-writer, is confident that the drama will capture the imagination of Zimbabweans.

“Katsande plays the role of Getty, Takawira as Leah in the drama, Chiwereva is Vimbai while Masendeke acts as Pamela,” said Gatsi.

The Kuchina the Genesis director, who has previously directed music videos for Trevor Dongo, Mudiwa, Diana Samkange and Mathias Mhere, added that the drama revolves around the four main characters’ seamy lives.

Tinopona-Katsande“Getty is bored with her marriage to former car thief and drug lord Lucas and is determined to make serious changes… Pamela dropped out of school after her sister and bread-winner died leaving her in charge of a hair salon, Leah is a jobless down-to-earth girl who is in a loveless marriage while Vimbai is holed up in Canada.

“The girls are always hooking up with new guys,” he said.

Gatsi is convinced that the drama will hold its own against other ZBC-TV series.

“ZBC-TV will show the whole season and we are confident that it will attract a big following. We are confident that we will appeal to many Zimbabweans,” he told the Daily News.