Thomas Mapfumo’s daughter TIES the KNOT


Chiedza recently told Nehanda Radio that it was really nice to walk down the aisle with her iconic father, in a telephone interview.

“I felt very blessed to have this moment with my father. It was a moment that I will always hold in my heart and I’m very thankful for it,” she said.

The wedding was held at a place called Ogren Gardens in Oregon.

Speaking of her father, Chiedza said it was hard for her to even say how it felt to be the daughter of an icon because to her he is a father and she had always viewed him in that manner.

However Chiedza added that every now and then she gets reminded of who he is to other people (a musical icon) – and in those moments, she is truly humbled and reminded to appreciate him more.

Thomas Mapfumo’s daughter

“Sometimes I take him for granted because he has always been there, but when I see him around his fans or on stage, I have to take a step back and just thank God for allowing me to see His grace through my father’s life- because to me, based on what I have seen with my dad’s life- God is Love,” she told Nehanda Radio.

Chiedza who is an accountant by profession said her father was one of the most optimistic and hopeful people she had ever met.

She said no matter what they are going through in life, her musician father always tells them that everything will be alright, and God is with them.

“He knows that God will always take care of him and that is something he carries that in his heart.”

“Another thing is that I learned from him is forgiveness. He is a very forgiving person who does not keep grudges at all and it can look like a weakness at times because people tend to take advantage of his niceness- but it is very admirable,” she said.

She added that who in life wants to walk around carrying grudges all the time?, as it can get exhausting and the Nyoka Musango hit maker had taught her to always let things go, because it doesn’t benefit one to hold on to bitterness over people that have wronged you.

Furthermore, Chiedza however said she had met her husband in school, right there in Oregon. “He is from Nigeria and we met in 2006 and have been ‘vibing’ since then.”

“Being a newlywed feels nice. It’s a new beginning and I like new beginnings. There’s always something new to look forward to,” she said.

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