We are all guilty of letting things slip without thinking how our words could affect another person.

Especially when we get angry, we say things in a rage, later hoping the offended person will forget our words.

We wants to point out things you must NEVER say to your partner . . . unless you’re ready to lose him or her.

These words usually go further than just letting your partner know you’re angry. They have the power to destroy self-esteem, love and trust.

Here they are:

“My ex used to do that!”

Be it a compliment or not, never ever mention your ex unless you also see your current partner as your ex-to-be.

Telling your other half how a former flame used to offer an excellent foot massages or even a catty comment about their awful dress sense, will not go down well.

“Don’t you think so-and-so is beautiful or handsome?”

This question is just plain annoying and is another way of telling your partner you’d rather be with that other person.

“Can we finish now?”

Whether it is sex, dinner or a conversation, you just don’t say that!

It can lead to feelings of inadequacy for your other half. Cutting off a sex session or a deep conversation is a huge deal breaker.

“You’re stupid.”

You might say this out of anger or hurt, but it leaves a lasting impression on your partner and you might never be able to reverse it.

“Do you think it’s wise to eat/do/wear that?”

Asking this question is not wise, particularly if your partner is female. It’s basically saying you think they’re making a mistake.

“Never mind” or “nothing”

A person will say something – and when you follow up, they brush you off with “never mind” or “nothing”. You know something’s up, and now you have to drag it out of them.

“You must promise not to tell anyone else!”

Nobody likes a Gossiping Gertrude unless, of course, Gertrude is your close friend who enjoys gossip as much as you do. If you find you have nothing to say to each other, maybe you should have a make-out session or call it a night.

“This reminds me of my ex.”

Really, even if you do miss a few things about your ex, your current lover is the last person who wants to know about him or her,

“Nothing’s wrong. I’m fine.”

Girls are usually guilty of this. Don’t bottle it up. It’s actually much better to come out and say: “My world’s falling apart and I just need you to hold me and tell me everything will be fine.” Or: “I’m so mad at you right now.”

It sorts out a situation much quicker, with less drama.

“If you really love me . . .”

If your partner uses this line to try and guilt trip you into doing something, do yourself a favour and dump that loser. There are two terms for a move like this: manipulation and emotional blackmail.

“Just chill/relax.”

Telling a girl or guy to calm down in the midst of a storm works about as well as trying to baptise a cat.

Girls are more sensitive and take a lot of things to heart. When something is a huge problem for her, don’t treat the lady and her problems as if it’s nothing.