The TYPE of MAN who will NEVER CHEAT – Its NOT Lack of S-E-X That causes CHEATING


Being cheated on is the worst thing ever. You feel rejected but also angry. You don’t know who you can trust anymore. Well, scientific studies have narrowed down some traits that are statistically more common in guys who cheat, so here are some signs (not confirmation, obviously) that your guy will never stray.

​1. You bring home the same amount of money. ​A recent study from the American Sociological review showed that partners were less likely to cheat if they were in the same (or similar) income brackets. Men were more likely to cheat if they made a lot more money than their partner, and they were most likely to cheat if they made a lot less. So if you two have similar paychecks, you’ve got statistics on your side.

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​2. He’s from the Midwest. ​According to this poll, Midwesterners are just too well-mannered to cheat on their partners as they value relationships.

3. His friends are also faithful. ​People are more likely to cheat if their friends are also cheaters, according to M. Gary Newman, author of ​The Truth About Cheating.​ If his friends are trustworthy, it’s likely he’s trustworthy too.

4. He feels loved and trusted. According to a study conducted by Newman, ​​most men don’t cheat because they’re not satisfied s-exually. They cheat because they’re seeking emotional satisfaction.