The road is never easy when pursuing dreams….. MisRed @iMisred


The road is never easy when pursuing dreams that are bigger than people’s expectations of you! I pray in my heart everyday that on days I feel too weak to fight through the negativity, I find comfort in how much he has already done for me! The Lord is good ALL THE TIME! Abundant in mercy, he loves me with all my flaws.

When the world deserts you and you become no less important than a spec of dust, he reveals himself in all his glory and declares your dominion over that situation in his might because he Is Light.

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This is only just the beginning of the Journey but I am grateful through it all! I’m grateful for the people who support my hustle, people who believe in me even when I find it hard to believe in myself and people who test my faith are the ones I’m especially grateful for because they reassure what I’m doing. When you are headed in the wrong direction very few people find interest in you! So Thank you for EVERYTHING!

May your heart speak openly and honestly to vision worthy of his child! You are loved.