THE REAL REASON WHY PROPHET MAGAYA GAVE BEV A SHOP ! :Yesterday Prophet Magaya explained the real reason why he gave Beverly Sibanda a shop! surprisingly the reason is beyond what we all thought.

If i gave it to an ordinary you would that make a different?? HE ASKED.


If you are a good leader, leaders should think beyond normal to attain great results. You are in business but what are you going to do to get clients?

You need to think of ways to become outstanding. Jesus knew who to talk to and how to talk to them. There were somethings he kept for his inner circle and did not divulge to the public. The bible says one of the times the house was full and a paralysed man was put through the roof.

When Lazarus was about to die He waited until His death and burial because people would not believe. He waited until He had decomposed in His grave to raise Him from the dead. He did all this strategically to showcase the power of God.

When you see someone with open wounds convince them to come to church because their healing bears a great testimony with evidence. When Jesus went to resurrect Lazarus he shouted and even asked them to roll away the stone but He could have rolled it by His power.

The evidence of Lazarus’ healing was so powerful people wanted to kill him. You do not need to do things in a rush you need to achieve great results. You need to publicize yourself in silence.

I gave her a shop because i knew the papers were going to write something about it.the day Prophet Magaya gave Bev a shop he was on the front page of every newspaper in Zimbabwe.