Teenage Mutare prostitute claims to be a Satanist and can turn into a hyena when angered


A 17-year-old hooker left patrons at a local night club stunned last week after she revealed that she was a Satanist and could change into a hyena when angered.

The Weekender learnt that the girl (name withheld), before the spine-chilling confession, had spent more than five days sleeping and staying at the popular night club without bathing.

Teenage Mutare prostitute

On the day she opened up, she had slept in the DJ box with no blankets before one of the workers at the bar quizzed her the following morning.

The innocent looking teenager narrated some strange occult-related shenanigans she had been involved into in Mutare’s Central Business District, saying they were working as a syndicate in local bars and at girls’ high schools.

The girl who can be aptly described as gorgeous and charming has been one of the sought-after ladies of the night at the night club.

“We are a team of Satanists. It started when I was at a boarding school when we used to meet at midnight at the basketball and tennis courts and change into different animals such as lions, hyenas as well as goats.

“We pounced on anyone whom we considered a threat. I can’t tell you the name of the school because they threatened to kill me if I expose them.

“I can turn into a hyena when I am angered. Our leader is a bishop at that school. He changes into a lion. I told my parents all these things and they withdrew me from the school. They no longer want to see me because of this. They are afraid of me. I have been staying here because I have nowhere to go. I have been sleeping with several men who hire my services,” she said.

A source privy to matter said the teenager’s brother later came and tried to take her home, but her parents who stay in Darlington medium-density suburb could have none of it.

“Her parents are bitter and are actually scared of her. They don’t want to hear about her anymore,” said the woman who requested anonymity.

Church organisations and traditional healers have described the case as strange.

ZINATHA president, Mr George Kandiero, said there was nothing called Satanism, but the word was a glorified name for witchcraft.

“They feel proud to use the name Satanism, but in actual fact that is what we call witchcraft. This practice has been there since time immemorial, but they prefer to call it Satanism. This particular girl could be a witch who was initiated into cults unknowingly and unwillingly.

“The teenager is crying out for help. Her soul could be tormented. She opened up because she wanted to be exorcised. We have exorcists here and she might be helped if her parents and guardians take responsibility of the matter.

“However, there is a possibility that because of drug abuse which has been rampant among teenagers, the girl could be hallucinating. She could be thinking that she is into Satanism, yet in actual fact she is mentally disturbed or traumatised,” said Mr Kandiero.

Shield of Victory Tabernacle church leader, Pastor Davies English, said Satanism was rife in Manicaland, but hidden.

“Satanism is now rampant especially in Mutare. Satanists are usually found in public places like churches and bars among other busy places. Some of them occupy respectable positions in church. I personally have had a few encounters with them where a Mutare man confessed that he owned a red carpet where he would stay under particularly during the night.

“He said he could fly to Mozambique, Harare or any other place for witchcraft purposes. People need to pray hard particularly for their children in boarding schools,” said Pastor English.