Student hangself over $5


A form Two pupil at Northlea High School in Bulawayo who was accused by his family of stealing $5 hanged himself while wearing school uniform.

His family allegedly threatened to get him arrested, reports show.

A domestic worker who was searching for firewood found Nqobani Ndlovu (15) from Richmond suburb hanging on Sunday afternoon in a bushy area in the same suburb.Hanging

Neighbours said he had been missing from home since March 9 and his body was found in an advanced stage of decomposition with maggots feeding on it.

Sources said  that his uncle Mr Christopher Ndlovu had threatened to take him to the police for stealing $5.

“He did not return home following the threat by his uncle. His uncle was worried that he would end up stealing substantial amounts of money,” said the source.

A family spokesperson who identified himself as Mr Ndlovu said they would conduct a full investigation after Nqobani is buried.

“We can’t comment on this matter at the moment.

“Some of us were not here when this happened. We are yet to conduct a full investigation as to what happened. I can’t confirm or deny that he had stolen $5,” said Mr Ndlovu.

He said the family became worried when he did not return home from school.

“I can’t remember the exact date when he didn’t return from school. It could have been on a Thursday. But we have been looking for him. We don’t know what happened.

“That’s what we told the police and they respected that. They will start interviewing us after we are done with the burial. It’s not good to be pointing fingers at each other at this moment,” Mr Ndlovu said.