Socialite Vimbai Tanyanyiwa – ‘I don’t need men near me for now’


Socialite Vimbai Tanyanyiwa has moved away from controversies and has shifted focus on her new found crocodile farming business.

The socialite who hogged the limelight for court and out of court issues indicated that there is not even any man near her and wants nothing else than her business.crocodile-farm

Half way through the year she hasn’t made any news on scandals or controversy and she has been awol and laying low.

Since last year, when she made headlines with the phone smashing issue and before end of November-Vimbai was involved in an altercation with her ex-boyfriend attracting a barrage of storm on the social media.

In an interview, Vimbai said:

“There is no sign of any man in the picture and I am now a new Vimbai who wants to focus on her business nothing more.

“Life is too short for all this bickering, hatred and making enemies on a daily basis.

“I won’t lie business has been tough, we are all struggling in this economy and I won’t paint a perfect picture of things being rosy but I would rather spend my energy on looking for money, ways to better myself.

“Bills have to be paid and debts need to be cleared , like any normal person in business and these days the only thing that I wake up to stressing me is how to pay up what I owe not chasing who doesn’t want me or focusing on forced interactions.”

She added:

” I’m now way too grown for that and already a proud owner of Vimba’s Organic Poultry but this new venture seems to be well paying and not something a lot of people are passionate about or would pursue and venture into.”

By look of things the 25 year-old: just 3 months shy of turning 26 seems focused and determined and not ready to make headlines for wrong the reasons, at least for now.

“I don’t want to be associated with wrong issues and I am ready to put much of my efforts on my new found love, crocodile farming.

“I refuse to let my problems or let the label others have given me, to stick with me, I am me and against all odds, I will excel.”