Socialite Nomathemba Leaks Whatsapp Chats That Says Pokello Isn’t Happy With Elikem


Socialite Nomathemba Primrose Ndebele took to her Facebook account to blast upcoming model Jackie Ngarande.

The issue in contention was over another well-known socialite, powerhouse Pokello Nare. Nomathemba; dubbed the ‘Controversial Queen’ is quite influential on social media for her sharp shooting opinions. She wrote a lengthy post slamming model Jackie Ngarande for cyber bullying and accusing her of harassing her and her family via a ghost account on Facebook.noma

She also attached a screenshot of a Whatsapp conversation between her and Jackie which revealed shocking details about Pokello’s personal life.noma3-169x300 noma2 noma4

Nomathemba, who was well-known for her anti-Pokello stance put up a defense against Jackie who was accusing her for attacking Pokello and set the record straight that she made peace with Ms Nare long back and has no business slandering her.

Instead she called out Jackie as a fake friend who is busy backstabbing Pokello and airing her dirty laundry to rumor mongers. To back it up, she posted a screenshot of their conversation in which she revealed Jackie told her about Pokello’s marital woes to husband, Elikem Kumordzie.

Jackie alleged the diva is still seeing Stunner who was her lover in that infamous se_x tape the public just can’t seem to forget.

As if that wasn’t enough, another well-known socialite, Olinda Chapel was dragged into the drama. Olinda is well known for her controversial Facebook posts and her infamous break up with Stunner.