Snake Catcher narrates how he was nearly KILLED


The other day I read on this site about the guy who was caught with a black mamba which he claimed was for Juju purposes.

That was not a big mamba though, I  don’t believe in magic like those guys but I LOVE catching snakes . I have 18 years experience of catching snakes and all these years, I have never killed a single snake.

I learnt the ‘trade’ in Mozambique, in  1997. I started with Puff Adders and  Mozambican spitting cobras. Here in Sudan I have caught over 200 snakes in our compound. I then release the snakes in the mountain which is about 15 kilometres away.

But last week iHararians, I nearly died! I was out, had gone to town in the evening and then I got  call from a friend saying a Cobra was attacking our chickens!

I sped off back home, thinking it was a python because they are quite plenty in the area. When I got there, I found out that it was an Egyptian cobra that was over two metres long. The snake was already charged because the soldiers who guard our camp had attacked it.

I was not are of this.

I went into the fowl run. The lights were blown out, so the soldiers were using their torches to provide me with lighting.  The cobra wasted no time in attacking me, luckily I had with me my bamboo stick, which I used to fight it off. Now , terrified by the fight, the soldiers had run away with their torches, so imagine how difficult it was to try and catch the snake without lighting!

I tell you guys, I have never been this close to death before. We ‘danced’ about for a while but eventually, I don’t know how I did it, but I later  managed to threw it out of the fowl run. The snake tried to pull a skedaddle but this brave garden boy from Uganda came with his light and we spotted the reptile as it made its way to the other side.

I later managed to subdue it but it was a tough fight my friends. Because it had killed two of our chickens and the fact that it nearly killed me, I had to kill it.

Check out the pictures….