Sister very worried about her BROTHER’S CONDITION!


When their parents died 16 years ago, Johannes Mokoele became the man of the house at the age of 13 to care for his siblings. But in July a vicious attack by evil thugs left him paralysed. And since then Johannes’ siblings have had to care for him.

Johannes (29), from Spoko Park outside Polokwane, Limpopo is being looked after by his sister, Francinah Mokoele (35).

Due to lack of proper care and healthy food he has developed bedsores on his hips and buttocks and has become thin and pale.

No one in the family of six is working and they survive on child support grants for the three kids.

When Daily Sun visited Johannes on Christmas Day, the SunTeam found his sister changing his nappies and soiled bandages.

Francinah Mokoele and her brother
Francinah Mokoele cleans her paralysed brother Johannes, who is bedridden.

Johannes said: “I have become a burden to my sister whose life has now come to a halt. I was walking home from a tavern at night when I was attacked. I met a guy on the road. As we approached our homes we ran into a group of youngsters with pangas, spades and knives.

“One of them said, ‘Here is one of them!’ and the guy I met ran away. Some of them started chasing him while others attacked me. They stabbed me at the base of my back and in my face. I still don’t know why I was attacked.”

One of the knives broke off in his back, damaging the spinal cord. Now he is unable to move or even feel the lower parts of his body.

Johannes spent three months in hospital before being released.

His biggest worry is that his wounds are not healing, even though he goes for checkups every month.

“Johannes does not eat well. We have nothing to feed him. He needs decent nutrition we can’t afford. We appeal to whoever can to come to our rescue. My brother needs better care,” said Francinah.