She got the shock of her life when she caught her Hubby having se_x with a married female workmate


A police officer based at West Commonage in Bulawayo was allegedly caught by his wife having se_x with a married female workmate.

A heartbroken Gladys Chirandu claimed she got the shock of her life when she walked in on her husband Passmore Feremba in bed with his workmate-cum-lover Eunice Ncube at the latter’s place.

As punishment for busting him, Chirandu said her husband had since deserted her together with their four children to stay with Ncube in Nkulumane where they are reportedly renting a room away from prying eyes of workmates and relatives.

This was reportedly after their alleged romp became public at the police camp.

Ncube’s husband reportedly works in South Africa and they have one child together.

Apparently as a way of stopping Chirandu from following them to their “se_x nook” in Nkulumane, Ncube last week approached the Bulawayo Civil Court seeking a peace order against Chirandu claiming she was harassing her.

She said Chirandu was harassing her because she suspected she was in love with her husband.



I am applying for a peace order against Gladys Chirandu. She comes to my house at West Commonage and once broke the bedroom windows accusing me of dating her husband.

“Because of her violence I shifted to Mabutweni where she is again coming to disturb my peace. She takes every available opportunity to emotionally, verbally and physically attack me while threatening to kill me,” complained Ncube. Chirandu, in response, said she was very disappointed with Ncube’s “se_xual” conduct with her husband.

“I disagree with what she said. She is saying that I am falsely accusing her of dating my husband yet I caught her twice with him. On the first occasion I caught them red-handed in bed at her house.

“On another occasion I found them grabbing each other and when I confronted them Ncube bragged that it was a sign that they were in love. On that very day they both attacked me and I was later rescued by passersby,” said Chirandu.

She said the peace order being sought against her was just an escape route to stop her from following them to their “love nest”.

“The reason why she applied for a protection order is that she wants to bar me from following them to their new lodgings after I approached their superiors who said I should come with ample evidence that the two were in love and staying together,” added Chirandu.

In his ruling the presiding magistrate Sheunesu Matova ordered them not to conduct themselves in a manner likely to provoke or breach peace between them.

Source-B Metro