Seth Rollins PowerBomb gave Sting Neck Injury that he might not recover from


Sting is recovering at home Monday, after sustaining a serious neck injury. The injury is so serious doctors are not able to give a long-term prognosis, TMZ Sports has learned.

Sting was seriously hurt Sunday night in the WWE championship match against Seth Rollins. We’re told he was injured several times during the match,  the most serious being the powerbomb against the turnbuckle which caused the neck injury.

Our wrestling sources tell us, doctors did a CAT scan at the hospital Sunday and thankfully there were no fractures. Sting was released Monday afternoon and is on his way home.  He’s able to walk but is in significant pain.


Sting’s manager says the wrestler is in “remarkable health and resiliency,” especially for his age … 56.

The manager says, “The greatest damage to his body took place before the match was over, but being the true professional he is and among the hardest workers to ever step foot in the ring, he insisted to see the match through to the end.”