Serial vampire killer declared insane – and referred to a mental health institution for further treatment


A self- confessed serial killer from Gokwe who ra-ped and killed a milk vendor after sucking her blood vampire style, has been declared insane by the High Court and referred to a mental health institution for further treatment.

Alois Tapiwa Nduna (28) recently confessed to ra-ping and murdering 13 women in different parts of the country.

On Friday, he appeared before Bulawayo High Court judge Justice Maxwell Takuva facing a charge of murdering Ruth Ndlovu (37).

Nduna of Matanga village under Chief Jiri in Gokwe South is a self-confessed Satanist.

Justice Takuva ruled that Nduna could not be held legally responsible for killing Ndlovu, saying he was mentally ill at the time he committed the offence.

The judge retained a special verdict of not guilty to the charge because of insanity in terms of the Mental Health Act.


vampire-moyo-with-fresh-blood“The psychiatrists’ reports depict a disturbing background of the accused person. Although the reports say you are fit to stand trial, they highlight that the accused has a mental disorder and behaves like an animal,” he said.

“There is a probability that you ra-ped the victim either after or before you killed her. From the evidence before this court, we are satisfied that you committed the murder because of insanity.”

Justice Takuva said Nduna was a danger to his family and society and needed to be taken to a mental health institution for treatment.

“The court therefore returns a special verdict of not guilty in terms of section 29 (2) of the Mental Health Act.

Accordingly, it is ordered that the accused person returns to prison for transfer to a special institution for treatment.

You are a danger to your family and society in general,” ruled the judge.