Sekuru hanzvadzi yamai sends pictures of his manh00d kumukadzi wemuzukuru


A Chitungwiza transporter Odediah Manyere, popularly known as Oman in Manyame Park is accused of sending nu_de photographs of himself to his nephew Panganai Nyamayaro’s wife Celine Kudakwashe Tembo and  love messages.

Celine proved she was faithful to Panganai and showed him the messages and the two agreed to expose the lustful Manyere by dancing to his tune.SEKURU MANYERE

 “Sekuru vangu, hanzvadzi yaamai vangu varikuda kudya zvevadiki nekureba, kunyenga mukadzi wangu, vachishandisa samba rekuti vanemari inopfuura yangu. It affected me brother and I had to inform other relatives, but it seems he is bullying everyone and refusing to aplogise,” said Panganai.


“I want to thank my wife for being faithful by informing me about my uncle’s se_xual advances to her and we agreed to expose him. I asked my wife to answer his calls and we recorded them as if she had admitted to his proposals and he started sending nude photographs and I replied his messages on my wife’s whatsapp. He never showed remorse after I asked one of my relatives to confront him over it and he even went on to threaten me despite his intention to have sex with my wife,” said Panganai.

Contacted for comment, Manyere threatened H-Metro with unspecified action if the story sees the light of the day, blaming Panganai for exposing him. This is not the hour to call me for such a story. If you publish that story you will face the music wazvinzwa, pamha** pako wazvinzwa. Panganai anechikwereti change chaakaenda nacho kuSouth saka asiri kudzoka. I used to help him but he is not thankful,” said Manyere.

“Why is Manyere not confronting me directly and using other people to ask me about this, asi uri hama yake, I will deal with you, to hell,” he added fuming.

Celine confirmed she communicated with Manyere over the phone and recorded the calls saying she was surprised by his moves. I never expected that sekuru Manyere would do such a foolish thing like that and I agreed with my husband that the story needs to reach his wife and she is aware of this,” said Celine.

“My husband is the one who replied his chats and I would answer his calls,” she added.

Source-H metro