Scorned Woman Loyce Gwenzi POURS HOT PORRIDGE ON HUBBY’S SmallHouse


A woman was brought before the local magistrate’s court for scalding her husband’s small house with hot porridge on the face during a verbal altercation. 22 year old Loyce Gwenzi of Usanga Low Density, appeared before magistrate Noah Gwatidzo facing charges of burning Anna Sofa’s face with hot porridge during a heated argument over her husband.

However, the gallery was left stunned after Sofa withdrew charges, saying she felt pity for Gwenzi who has a toddler who needs her care.“She attacked me after I went to talk to my `husband`. Your Worship, I humbly ask this honourable court to forgive Gwenzi for what she did to me.

“I feel pity for her to go to prison leaving the child behind,” said Sofa.Gwenzi, in her defence, told the court that she was provoked by Sofa who came to her matrimonial home demanding to see her husband.

“She came to my matrimonial home and demanded to see my husband. When I opened the door she violently pushed me and assaulted me.“I took a pot with hot porridge and threw it at her as self-defence. It was not intentional,” said Gwenzi.However, Sofa refuted Gwenzi’s claims saying she only wanted to tell her ‘husband’ that their child was not feeling well and Gwenzi tried to bar her.