Miracle Pastor Paul Sanyangore is at it again “Anointed Jik”


CONTROVERSIAL miracle pastor Paul Sanyangore is at it again.

The preacher on Sunday washed his congregants with a disinfectant, jik, which he said had the power to cleanse them of sin.

In a sermon beamed on his Victory TV, the preacher equated the power of jik to the blood of Jesus which he said is multi-purpose.

Many people were pictured queuing to have their hands washed with the detergent among them women whom the preacher prophesied to have had engaged in abortions when they were young.

jik pastor1



He called the people whom he said had sin and blood in their hands for the cleansing resulting in a scramble with some people falling in trance and manifestation.

I just hope people will not misinterpret the message being sent here,” he said.

“The message behind is accept Jesus in your life as written in the Bible and your life will be cleaned of everything, sin, disease or any situation. This is what I expressed with the use of jik. This jik is multi-purpose, you can use it to clean your water, wash clothes, as a toilet cleaner and in many other situations, just like the power of Jesus,” he said.

“These days we will have all our sermons on our TV network, Victory TV so that people will have a clear picture of what would have transpired,” Sanyangore said.

The television channel was launched at the beginning of this month and has screened some of the contested miracles and sermons by the preacher and growing in popularity.

The preacher was the first to have his hands washed and he said it was a demonstration that everyone should be always clean.

“Bible rinoti zvireururei mazuva ose meaning tinotadza saka tinofanira kuchenurwa. Even those who are pure should be cleansed to be more pure. We use jik on white material for it to become brighter. Water is pure by the look of the eye but still we apply jik for it to be more pure and safe for drinking,” he said.

source Hmetro