SA Gospel Singer BUYS his PASTOR a Mercedes-Benz GL 63 AMG V8 2015 worth R1.9m


Mzansi’s Gospel star Sfiso Ncwane has gifted his pastor with a gift to end all gifts, more like a gift of the century. Ncwane revealed on social media on Sunday that he had brought his pastor a Mercedes-Benz GL 63 AMG V8 2015.

He further stated that he gave his pastor the luxurious offering during his thanksgiving ceremony.

“Thank you so much to everyone who came to my Thanksgiving on Sunday

THANK YOU, this is what I bought for my Pastor (GL 63 AMG V8 2015) model for my PASTOR REV FRANCIS O ANOSIKE… It’s was long overdue. GOD THANK YOU.” Ncwane captioned an album consisting of photos from the aforementioned ceremony.

Sfiso Ncwane benz for pastor Sfiso Ncwane benz for pastor Sfiso Ncwane benz for pastor

The car is valued at approximately R1.9 million.

On Facebook, Ncwane received some backlash for his sumptuous gift, with one fan commenting:

“You should have done something better with your money and stop impressing with material staff. For he did nothing for you, but God did something for you. To me it seems as if you’re bragging. You told us that you were once poor, why don’t you go back to people that you were poor with? Pastor is a messenger of God, he should not be rewarded. God will reward him. Help poor of the poorest and stop being an a**hole here, about your stupid V8 you bought…”

Other people extended their support for what he had done:

” In life if you didnt experience difficulties you will never understand what this man did,guys come on the man was sick to death and there came Man of God to rescue him with Prayers,and this is how he thank what the Holy Spirit did to him by his Pastor.Sfiso understands exactly what happened in his life,you can gudge him the way you like but he was the one who felt the pain and his family was in tears when he was sick,the is nothing wrong about giving to what made you who you are.I appreciate what you did Man of God and God will always bless you more and more because of you heart.If people complain about how many people doesnt have food or whatever,why dont they help those people because they have notice that,why they want you to help them!its irritating sometimes the way people use to gudge other people lifes.#Big up.”