SA Based Man comes home to FIND WIFE PREGNANT from another man


A Zimbabwean man based in neigbouring South Africa returned home to find his wife heavily pregnant from another man.

Mayibongwe Moyo returned home to Tsholotsho last month but immediately returned to South Africa without even spending a night at his home. He was so shocked to see his wife Arldonis Moyo pregnant. Arldonis told her close friends that her husband had simply asked her how she fell pregnant in his absence.

She said he calmly walked out and that scared her out of her senses. She thought he would return armed and kill her.“After about two weeks, we realised that the pregnancy was no longer visible, prompting us to alert neighbourhood watch officers who questioned her,” said the source.

It was revealed that Arldonis aborted and buried  the foetus in a shallow grave.Arldonis
had two other children before she married Mayibongwe and the couple has been married for four years now. They have one child together.

Matabeleland North provincial acting police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Eglon Nkala confirmed the incident.

“I can confirm receiving a report of a woman who tried to conceal the birth of her child by burying her in a shallow grave. Villagers suspected foul play leading to her arrest,” he said.