Robbery suspect accuse police officers of setting dogs on him


A suspected armed robber has accused police officers from Harare Central of assaulting and setting dogs on him to force him to reveal the names of other criminals believed to be terrorising people in and around the city.

Craig Musasa (28) of Unit K, Chitungwiza, appeared before Harare magistrate Ms Barbra Chimboza yesterday and opened up on what had transpired after his arrest.Dogdo

Musasa and his alleged accomplices, who are still at large, reportedly committed a robbery at Kusona Trading Company in Ardbennie and went away with $58 000 cash.

Ms Chimboza asked Musasa if he had any complaints against the police and in response he narrated how the police took him to a bushy area in Waterfalls during the night and set dogs on him.

“After my arrest, the police took me to Harare Central where they interrogated me,” he said.

“The police asked me to reveal the names of robbers in Harare and when I told them I did not know anything, they then accused me of shielding them. They took me to a bushy area in Waterfalls during the night where they set their dogs on me.”

The court ordered the State to investigate the claims.

Prosecutor Mr Sebastian Mutizirwa alleged that on December 19 last year at around 1 am, Musasa in the company of his alleged accomplices, went to Kusona Trading Company in Ardbennie.They scaled over the precast wall and entered the premises.

The gang reportedly manhandled the security guard Edwin Gwiriri who was manning the premises and assaulted him with iron bars.They then tied his hands and legs using an electric cable, it is alleged.

One of the gang, the court heard, was left guarding Gwiriri while his accomplices proceeded to the general manager’s office.

The gang smashed the window and entered the office.They used an unknown explosive to break the safe and stole $58 000 cash.The gang also stole a laptop and several pairs of safety shoes.