Ricky Fire‘s wife – “I don’t think I will go back Ini ndaneta nekuhurirwa hangu”


Zim dancehall chanter Ricky Fire’s wife and manageress Nokuthula Pukane is now picking up the pieces at her parents’ home.

Nokuthula walked out of her matrimonial home after discovering messages that proved her husband was having an affair. Ricky Fire is understood to be in a relationship with one Hazel Dzamawa and some of the whatsapp chats linked to the affair where published on Monday.


“There is evidence that he was cheating on me, the proof is there. I don’t scrutinize his phone so he took advantage of that. I blame myself for not touching his phone. We have been in a relationship for more than four years and we have been married for close to two years.

I saw the chats which were circulating on whatsapp and I strongly believe it’s one of his friends who leaked them I don’t think I will go back to him. I am done, he should move on. I am sick and tired of this and he cannot defend himself because there is proof”.

She added:

“There are also intimate pictures of him and a white lady circulating. Ini ndaneta nekuhurirwa hangu ini. I am at my parents place in Acturus”.

Contacted for comment, Hazel took the opportunity to claim there was never a marriage between Ricky Fire and Nokuthula.

“I want to correct what you wrote, Ricky is not married and I am his girlfriend. Ini nabae wangu Ricky we are coming that side to give our side of the story but what I can safely say is that Ricky and Nokuthula havana kumboroorana. We had family meeting and tichauya tokuudzai,” she said.

Contacted for comment Ricky Fire said: “King makandisvibisa pasi nekudenga. I don’t have a comment I am a musician so you might have my comment through a song.”