Prophet Makandiwa lashes out at ‘terrorist’ ‘Sons and Daughters’


United Family International Church (Ufic) founder Emmanuel Makandiwa has fall short of labelling people who chose his as Zimbabwe’s most influential people as terrorists.

Makandiwa was listed at number three by a United Kingdom-based website – – out of 100 young Zimbabweans, in a list that has drawn scorn and ridicule.

On Friday a group calling itself “Sons and Daughters” published an advertisement in a local daily congratulating Makandiwa for the listing.

“Blessed indeed is the man who hears from God Almighty our Papa Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa,” read part of the advert.

“As sons and daughters of the prophet, we would like to congratulate you for being number 3 on 100 influential Zimbabweans in 2015.”

His spokesperson Prime Kufakunesu has said the message  borders on ‘terrorism.’ “The United Family International Church UFI) would like to disassociate Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa and the church at large from an advert (published) on 30 October 2015,” he said in a statement.

“The advert purportedly from the ‘sons and daughters’ to congratulate Prophet Makandiwa for being third in the category of the Most Influential Zimbabweans is the mischievous work of elements bent on tarnishing the image and person of Prophet Makandiwa whilst stroking the greedy egos of some publicity crazy figures.”

Kufakunesu said said Makandiwa had in the past been nominated for awards by “local and international organisations of repute such as (New African Magazine)” but had never accepted them.

“The church has never even used its own platform Christ TV to congratulate the man of God as we believe that it is recognition from God that counts more than anything else,” he said.

“It has also to be known that neither Prophet Makandiwa in his personal capacity nor UFIC on his behalf have accepted the nomination and or award because we do not understand what the award is about.

“The basic rule for accepting any award would be to know the standing of the issuing organisation (of which we do not) and to know the basis for the award (of which influence does not suffice because even the devil has influence) and we wish it to be known that it remains an unacknowledged award from our point of view.”